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We can supply and install a large range of new telephone systems and office phone .......

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Used Phone Systems

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We can supply and install an affordable used business phone system with 12 month warranty.......

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We can provide your business with a complete IP phone system or IP PBX solution .......

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Packages and Prices

Telephone system packages for small medium or corporate sized businesses.

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We offer business and office phone systems, new or used, digital or VoIP phone systems with full installation and turnkey solutions, all at affordable prices. Whatever your needs or requirements are, we offer just about everything:

  • Business phone systems
  • Installation
  • Voice over IP
  • Network cabling
  • Telephone cabling
  • Business broadband
  • IT services
  • Office relocations
  • New line connections

Get expert knowledge in the latest technology.

We also offer VoIP telephone systems which can massively reduce your office communications costs.

We cater for all business sizes. Please call us today to find the right solution for your business. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will guide you through every step of the way so easy and hassle-free!

Avoid the hassle of dealing with large Telco companies with poor customer service. We make it easy to connect new business phone lines - anything from analogue to digital or VoIP! Unbeatable plans at affordable prices!

we also offer 1300 and 1800 numbers, caller id, line hunt, call forwarding, direct in-dial lines, fax to email, permanent number diversions and more.

Line rental and making calls from your telephone system does not have to be expensive. Here are just some of the great plans we offer.

Business Fixed Line plans suitable for all business telephone systems

Plan Monthly Fee Local Calls (untimed) National Calls (Per Minute) Calls to Mobiles (per minute)
LOCAL $39.00 per line UNLIMITED 7 cent 20 cent
NATIONAL $49.00 per line UNLIMITED UNLIMITED 20 cent

Business SIP trunk Plans for VoIP Phone Systems or IP PBX

Plan Monthly Fee Local Calls (untimed) National Calls (untimed) Calls to Mobiles (per minute)
VoIP STANDARD $7.50 per line 10 cent 10 cent 17 cent

Is your business looking for an internet connection that provides you with you faster and more effective services than ADSL2+?

Business grade EFM internet offers your business a powerful communications solution. Enjoy unlimited monthly data quota with our business grade symmetrical Ethernet or fiber optic internet connections. With our reliable and symmetrical connections, you can enjoy downloading and uploading at precisely the same speed.

These types of connections are extremely reliable and are symmetrical, meaning the download and upload speed are the same. Not only do you get unlimited data quota each month, these connections can be configured for internet only or set up as a virtual private network or VPN for connecting multiple business locations together.

Take a look at these great business plans below.


Plan Monthly Fee Installation Contract Length Data Limit Speed
Unlimited 4 wire Ethernet $199 $0 36 month UNLIMITED Up to 10/10Mbps
Unlimited 6 wire Ethernet $249 $0 36 month UNLIMITED Up to 10/10Mbps
Unlimited 8 wire Ethernet $299 $0 36 month UNLIMITED Up to 20/20Mbps

Hitec phone systems are a reliable communications specialist. We offer you complete home and business phone system and turnkey solutions.

  • Talk directly with a licensed technician
  • Great customer service
  • Free phone support
  • Affordable telephone systems and services
  • Ongoing local support
  • Cheap phone calls and internet
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Telephone systems
  • Voice over IP
  • Business phone lines
  • Business broadband
  • Phone cabling
  • Data cabling
  • IT services
  • Installation and training