We supply and install a wide range of new and used phone systems and VoIP equipment. We provide full support and ongoing reliable maintenance services.

We also provide related services moves or changes to telephone extensions, phone system programming, Telstra, Optus and Voice over IP connections, our technicians are fully licenced and qualified to handle all of your requirements.

Moving office? Taking your phone systems with you? this entails a lot of planning. Thats why we work closely with you to ensure this important phase is executed effortlessly. When you need to relocate your existing phone system to your new office, call in the experts! Free quotes available.


fixed-line telecommunication

Do you have a new office that requires Cat5e or Cat6 Phone and Data cabling with patch panels setup inside a data cabinet "Structured Cabling System" - or if you simply require additional Phone or Data sockets added to your existing office setup, no job is too big or too small for us.


VoIP Plans

What is VoIP ? VoIP is just a fancy acronym. The letters in VoIP stand for Voice-over-Internet Protocol
In a nutshell, VoIP allows you to make phone calls using the Internet as a transmission path the recieving caller does not need to be using VoIP. You still use your telephone system the same as before, but the office phone system will now also have a connection to the internet via your modem or router (the box thing in your office or home that connects your computers to the internet) For most people, using VoIP means much cheaper call rates there is also no need to pay line rental on multiple lines becasue with VoIP you will only pay line rental on 1 line! the VoIP hardware will allow you to make upto 30 symaltanious calls from your single VoIP account, Perferct for business phone systems with massive savings not only on call rates but line rental also!!