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Unfortunately, many small business owners hear the phrase “used equipment,” and they’re automatically thinking about paying top dollar for another company’s discarded technology.  But the reality could not be further from the truth.  With hundreds if not thousands of new small businesses folding within the first three years of being in operation, chances are, there is plenty of new, relevant, and viable phone equipment making its way to the market – and it’s going to be refurbished, but useful!

Perhaps the smartest reason going for why a company would want to purchase used or refurbished phone equipment and phone systems has to do with value.  Many phone and technology systems providers offer the very highest quality equipment at big discounts, simply to move their products back into the market place, and off of their shelves, or out of their inventory.  And the benefit is fully realised by the purchasing company – in fact, some estimates run as high as 60% off retail price, and in many cases, the savings can be even greater.


Refurbished phone systems and equipment originate from a wide variety of sources, including things as straightforward as a cancelled order from a previous customer, or a return of previously purchased equipment.  In many cases, when a piece of phone equipment leaves a company’s warehouse on a delivery, if it is returned, then it can’t be sold again as new.

Slightly damaged products, including minor, cosmetic damages, can result in returns as well.  Phone equipment companies refurbish these models, and then offer them for sale to other businesses.  A single broken part can often easily be replaced, resulting in a next-to-new phone on sale at a discount.  Similarly, a phone system that has been used as a demo model, or equipment that has been returned by the seller in order to make room for newer, more advanced product lines – in both these instances, refurbished phone systems become available at a discount.

Among the many reasons why small business owners should consider purchasing refurbished phone equipment, you can count the possibility of warranty coverage, which can last as long as an entire year.  With high quality phone systems available on the market, small business owners can purchase the very best technology out there, without paying full price for their phone equipment.

In many cases, newer doesn’t mean better, and savvy tech users will have an old favourite piece of equipment, prized for its reliability.  Buying refurbished phone equipment allows these consumers to purchase the technology that they love, at reduced rates.  When a business owner running phone equipment on an NEC system finds that they need to purchase older equipment or replacement parts for their existing network, purchasing refurbished parts can be the smartest, most cost-effective way to go.  Getting a few extra months or years out of an aging system might delay the purchase of a new system, and save a business a lot of money in the process.


It all starts with the fact that any available means to give your company an edge in today’s economy is not just a want, but a necessity.  Here are a few reasons why buying a refurbished business phone system can give your business a leg up on the competition in a way that allows your business to go green through cost-effective means:

Five Reasons to Buy a used Business Phone System

  1. Save Money:  Used phone systems are the perfect choice for businesses that want the features and flexibility of a new phone system, without the associated costs.  Buying a used phone systems is a way to provide your business with the equipment it needs in a more cost-effective way.  Refurbished phone systems can often have as much as 60 percent discount over the purchase of a new phone system.
  2. Go Green: Pre-owned or used phone systems allow your business to show a “green” initiative, and demonstrate environmental responsibility by helping to keep useful technology out of landfills.
  3. Just Like New: Did you know that refurbished equipment is not always used equipment?  At times, refurbished gear is simply discontinued or returned equipment that has never been out of the box!
  4. Same Functionality: What does your business really need?  Overpriced equipment that has recently been released may look shiny and have a couple different or new features, but is it really something that your company needs?  Are the different features even something that your business will use?  Instead, last year’s refurbished equipment can give your business all the functionality you need, yet remains cost-effective.
  5. 12 month warranty:  When you consider that every used phone system from Hitec Phone Systems comes with 12-month warranty – the same warranty as a new phone system – a refurbished option suddenly makes perfect sense!